Murići village

Murići is small village on the shore of Lake Skadar. It is surrounded by beautiful olive trees, farms and it has stunning view on island Beška, where are two Orthodox churches from 14th century. Murići is well known by its beach where every year come thousands of tourists. It is also very good place for camping and swiming as well.

In Murići people produce goat cheese, olive oil, honey and other domestic products. The houswives every Friday come to Virpazar on a market to sell their products. Goat cheese is their specialty. It is said that an individual goat consumes up to one thousand plants a day. Because these rare medicinal plants originate from the rocky Mount Rumija, it leads one to believe that the goat milk and cheese must be both nutritious and healthy.

Olives and olive oil from Murići and Krajina region are as well very healthy and used for preparing almost every traditional dish.

Not far away from Murici you can find one of the oldest chestnut forests in Montenegro in village called Livari. During autumn, locals are going to pick chesnuts and mushrooms as well. The most famous are: chanterelles, porcini mushrooms, Amanita caesarea, puffball, atc.

Village Murići is about 30 minutes driving away from Virpazar. There is no public transport between Virpazar and Murići, you can only get there by your own car, by boat or rented bike.