Lake Skadar biking and hiking

Biking is one of the most popular activities in National Park Lake Skadar considering that tracks van be used all year round. Most of them are marked and easy to use by tourists. They run through picturesque villages and areas with ample vegetation.

Cycling tracks in Crmnica region:

1. Rijeka Crnojevica - Virpazar - Ckla

Length 65km, the highest climb 470m

Rijeka Crnojevica - Virpazar - Ckla

2. Rijeka Crnojevica - Karuc

Length 9,5km, the highest climb 470m

Rijeka Crnojevica - Karuc

3. Virpazar - Crmnicko field - Virpazar

Length 17,5km, the highest climb 260m

Virpazar - Crmnicko field - Virpazar

4. Virpazar - Limljani - Boljevici - Virpazar

Length 20km, the highest climb 375m

<pVirpazar - Limljani - Boljevici - Virpazar

5. Virpazar - Sutorman - Bar

Length 34km, the highest climb 730m

Virpazar - Sutorman - Bar

6. Dodoši - Žabljak Crnojevica

Length 10km, the highest climb 10m

 Dodoši - Žabljak Crnojevica

We can always recommend You some other tours on your demand, mixed tours ( hiking and biking and swimming )... For Your safe trip we provide you all necessary equipment (spare tire, pump, tools, chain lock, map...). If You have any question about this subject don't hesitate to contact us.

Hiking is one of favorite activities in National Park Lake Skadar. In addition of large water surface of lake, National Park hides its stupendous hinterland which waits to be discovered. There are dozens of kilometers of marked trails along Skadar Lake andAdriatic coast.

Here are some hiking trails that we hardly recommend:

1. Trail 793 - Trough the Valey of River Orahovštica

Length: 13 km

Portal: Turning for Babin Bridge

Target: Sjenokosi (Opačac)

Midpoints: Dupilo (the Bridge of Mara Neškova), Opačac

Difficulty: Medium - hard ( Time: 5:00 h )

Altitudinal difference: Δh=39-200-101-96-30-39

Trail type: circular

Substrate: asphalt, rock, dirt road

Period of use: throughout the year.

2. Trail 796B ( Zabes - Godinje )

Length: 4.5 km (Godinje 1.8 km)

Portal: The village Zabes

Target: Godinje (hamlet of Lekovići)

Midpoints: the viewpoint on Brčelice, hamlet of Nikači, Smolac (spring)

Difficulty: Medium - Hard (easy as a circular trail within Godinje)

Time: 4:00 h

Altitudinal difference: Δh012-94-270-102-28

Trail type: linear (circular in Godinje)

Substrate: rock, earth, asphalt

Period of use: throughout the year.