Lake Skadar kayaking

Lake Skadar kayaking is one of the most popular activities that can take place in the National Park. Given the characteristics of the lake that allow this activity to be practiced from April to November, kayaking is the right choice for lovers of water sports. It is possible to approach all the hidden places without the noise, enjoy nature, or spend the day on the beach. This aspect of the lake ride is the most recommended because of its ecological aspects, as well as the spread of awareness on the protection of the National Park Lake Skadar.

You can book kayaks by filling contact form on our website ( no advance payment needed ).


  • Single kayaks 5.00 € / h, or 20.00 € / day
  • Double kayaks 7.00 € / h, or 30.00 € / day


Kayaking Lake Skadar

Kayaking Virpazar Lake Skadar