Village Godinje

The village Godinje is located in Crmnica region, on third kilometer from Virpazar to Ostros. According to population census from 2003. the village had 60 inhabitants.

According to the legend, the long history of Godinje dates back to the 10th century and days of Prince Jovan Vladimir who found it agreeable ( "goditi" ) to stay in this delightful area and that was how the settlement got its name.

The Balsic aristocracy had their summer house here in the 14th century. A chain-like system of connected houses, joined one to another, with arched cellar rooms - taverns and spacious tiled terraces - presents the uniqueness of its architecture.

The tradition of trickling high quality wine, in this centuries-active and rich village, is maintained even today.


The Balsic Dynasty Palace - the summer house of the ruling dynasty from the 14th century, is the oldest and most representative unit in Godinje. The complex includes several joined houses raised above taverns, in front of which there are remnants of the monumental entry portal with staircases that take you to the entrance of the former summer house.

The Balsic Dynasty Palace - Godinje

Grmozur fortification - On an island of the same name, in Godinje bay, there is a fortification that dates back from 1843. It was used as a prison in the Principality of Montenegro. Well preserved, far from the land, any escape from it was deemed impossible, which is why some people used to call it "the Montenegrin Alcatraz". Nowdays, during winter, Grmozur is an important rest area for birds.

Grmozur fortification Lake Skadar