Boat tours at Lake Skadar


Boat trip at Lake Skadar is breathtaking experience. The view of the numerous little islands with medieval monasteries and rare bird species is unique bond of history and nature. The fisherman's villages with an authentic architecture, the beaches, coves and the opulent vegetation, carp and bleak as local specialties, crmničko wine and loza brandy - all make the magnificence of the region complete.

We offer group and individual tours

-During summer season, every day we organize several group tours, so that tourists who come on their own can join to our group. Our groups are usually from 5 to 15 persons mostly by smaller authentic wooden boats which will completely fulfill your experience.

-We also organize excursions for bigger groups up to 100 persons

-If you prefer to be on the boat just with your friends, your family, or your group then individual ( private ) tour is right choice.

You can contact us in advance and book your boat trip, or come directly to our office in Virpazar ( after the bridge, next to the monument ) and we can organize You trip on the same day. You can request, propose, create Your tour. For example, just say what would You like to see and how much time you want to spend and we will give You many options which You can choose.

We can recommend you several boat tours that we find interesting. Every tour starts from Virpazar, through the channel of Crmnica river which is surounded by reeds and water lilies and leads to open lake.

Tour 1

-Route: Virpazar - Vranjina bridge - Lesendro - between small islands
-Duration: 2h
-Price: 10€/person ( group tour ) | 25 €/1h per boat ( individual tour up to five persons )

After departing from Virpazar, it takes 15 minutes to pass through the channel of Crmnica river and get to the open Lake. During passage it is possible to see numerous birds such as: cormorants, grebes, ducks, herons, storks hidden in reeds. Approaching the open lake, on the front side opens up the view of the Vranjina peninsula, on the right side in distance is Grmozur island, and Vranjina bridge on the left, under which we are going to pass. After passing under bridge, on your right side, you will see Lesendro fortress from 18th century. Thereafter we will pass between small islands and make a turn to Virpazar.

Tour 2

-Route: Virpazar - Grmozur island, fisherman's village Radus
-Duration: 2h
-Price: 10€/person ( group tour ) | 25 €/1h per boat ( individual tour up to five persons )

We will go to the right side of the Skadar lake towards Grmozur island ( old prison ). On the right side you can see in the hills Godinje village from 10th century. Under it is beautiful Godinje bay and Pjesacac beach. Thereafter we will pass by few abandoned fisherman villages and go to village Radus, which is famous for the deepest point of the lake ( about 60m ) also known as "Eyes of the lake". Radus village is also important place where indigenous species of fish called Bleak spawns because of the constant temperature of underground water springs. After that we will go back to Virpazar.

Tour 3

-Route: Virpazar - Grmozur island - Lesendro fortress
-Duration: 2h
-Price: 10€/person ( group tour ) | 25 €/1h per boat ( individual tour up to five persons )

We will make a circle around Grmozur island, continue straight under the Vranjina bridge, passing fortress Lesendro and return to Virpazar.

Tour 4

-Route: Virpazar - Lesendro - Monastery Kom
-Duration: 3h
-Price: 15€/person ( group tour ) | 25 €/1h per boat ( individual tour up to five persons )

This tour is similar to tour 1, but it is longer and the main point of interest is Monastery Kom from 15th Century which is located at small island Andrijska Gora on the North-West side of the Lake Skadar. It is Orthodox monastery which was built between 1415. and 1427. as an endowment of Đurađ and Aleksa (Lješ) Đurašević, members of the Crnojević noble family.

Tour 5

-Route: Virpazar - Grmozur island - Murici village
-Duration: 5h
-Price: 25 €/1h  up to five persons ( for more persons on request )

Murici Beach is one of the best spots for tourists who want to escape croud and feel absolute beauty of National Park Lake Skadar. To get to this beach we will pass next to Grmozur island, Fisherman's village Radus and Island Starcevo where is located Monastery Starceva Gorica from 14th Century. In front of Murici beach you can see Island Beska which is famous by it's homonymous monastery from 14th Century. Beach is wild and beautiful for swimming.