Wine trails and dining

  Wine trails

       If You are interested in wine or just like its taste, You are at the right trail!
Virpazar, region Crmnica and Montenegro in general is very famous by producing quality red and white wines such as Crnogorski Vranac PRO CORDE, Crnogorski Chardonnay as well as Brandy Lozova Rakija- known as Loza.
In hinterland of National Park Skadar Lake, in Crmnica field, are situated numerous wine cellars of small family producers. Initially families have been producing wine for their own use as part of long tradition, but later, when tourist have shown their respect and interest in it, they decided to become part of tourist offer.
Almost every family in Crmnica grow wine, and has its wine cellar , but several have beautiful premises where You can taste wine, see their galleries of awards and medals from numerous competitions where they took place.

 -Our agency organize group wine tastings, visiting wine cellars and wine yards.

 -We provide You tourist guide who will retell You about wine of this region in general, about product that You will taste, and about history and tradition of producing wine.



       "After thousand of kilometers and countless tastings, Montenegro still hides new culinary challenges, tempestuous as its history, and unpredictable as its landscape. From the small fishing villages where fishermen prepare their daily catch and fresh Montenegrin coast, to the traditional restaurants located in ancient fortresses along the Montenegrin coast, to the traditional restaurants in the continental Montenegro, they all contribute in their own way some of the flavors on the culinary map of this wonderful country.
Stay hungry. Discover the beauty of the continental part of the nature,with the mountain landscapes with lush vegetation, fast flowing rivers and calm lakes.or unwind on the unique beaches and coves in the coastal region, with its magical great blue skies. In any case, wherever the road may take you, enjoy in the contrasts of the local cuisine, in the exquisite local wines and don't miss to end your meal with a shoot pf local grappa." Mirko Butulja- Dimond Guide